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Trench Shoring vs Trench Shielding What To Know

Written by Common Computer Problems on May 5th, 2017. Posted in Excavation shoring methods, Hydraulic shoring, Temporary walking bridge

Temporary road construction

Working in trenches and excavations is a dangerous task. Crew members work within walls made of earth, and the risk of cave-ins make up the main hazard. With proper safety measures, however, workers can stay safe and perform their jobs as efficiently as possible. The main safety methods pertaining to these jobs are trench shields and excavation shoring. While these are both safety methods, they have slightly different purposes.

Trench Shields

These safety tools are used to protect workers from potential cave-ins while they are working in the trench. Also called trench boxes, these come in different materials. Aluminum trench shields are a common option, as they are lighter in weight yet