Month: April 2018

3 Important Benefits of Analyzing Unstructured Data

While the financial industry often focuses on numbers, it’s important to thoroughly analyze text data as well. In fact, the International Data Corporation estimates that fewer than 1% of data ever becomes analyzed. Considering that, text mining is often utilized in order to bridge this huge gap of missing...
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5 Reasons Your Visitors Want to See an Optimized Website

Many business owners create a website in hopes of it obtaining large amounts of traffic or visitors. Due to the popularity of the internet, the appearance of business websites is becoming nearly as important as the company itself. That being said, many businesses begin to wonder how to improve...
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Four Reasons to Get Hospitality Management Software

You’ve put enormous effort and expense into your bed and breakfast or your historic inn. It’s a labor of love, from the decor of the rooms to the perfect breakfast service. After investing so much in every aspect of your property, make sure you’re getting the most out of...
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