Month: December 2018

3 Important Benefits of Time Synchronization

Throughout history, humans have had a fascination with keeping accurate time. Ancient Egyptians were the first people to measure time by using obelisks as older versions of sundials. During the 14th century, mechanical clocks rose to prominence throughout Europe. Currently, there are many items people can use to tell...
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Outsourcing Document Scanning and Creating an Effective Workload

If your company handles either scanning or converting documents, you know this takes a lot of time. Although the scanner does all the work, converting documents is not a quick process and can take awhile. Problems and issues that occur with document scanning can take up over 20% of...
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Set Up Home Security Cameras

Any home may have valuable items inside that burglars will want to steal during a break-in. Flat screen televisions, game consoles, jewelry, and more may draw a burglar’s eyes, and a home that does not have good security systems installed can be up to 300% more likely to be...
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