The Top Five Reasons You Should Upgrade Your Digital Marketing Techniques This Year

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It’s a brand new year. Is your business caught up on the most modern digital marketing techniques? A common mistake small and large businesses make is clinging to old traditions rather than updating their day-to-day marketing strategies, risking hundreds and even thousands of extra dollars every month. As a result affordable SEO companies have been stepping up to the charge, offering businesses across the company the resources they need to keep connecting to their customers. If you’re still not sure about the benefits of a search marketing company, look below for the top five reasons you should get started.

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4 Ways Property Management Software Can Help Any Landlord

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The rental industry just experienced its strongest 10-year stretch in more than 30 years. Between 2004 and 2014, the number of new rental households increased an average of 770,000 every year. Because of the significant increase in renters, commercial property management has become even more important — and even more stressful.

Property management software programs are now essential for landlords to effectively operate their buildings, hire contractors, and deal with tenants. In fact, if you aren’t already using the best landlord software, you’re in danger of falling dangerously behind. Here are a few ways that landlord software can help property managers get ahead and stay ahead.

Tenant Screening
Often, it’s difficult to know who you’re dealing with or what kind of tenant you’re letting into your building. With an effective screening process, however, you’ll be able to identify any potentially problematic renters before they join your community. The best landlord software will enable you to search the renting history of any prospective tenant and will allow you to be aware of any potential issues.

Organization and File Management
Some property managers have hundreds of people that they have to oversee. From independent maintenance contractors to every single tenant, it can become overwhelming fast. Luckily, effective property management software will provide landlords the opportunity to better organize all their files in a secure digital platform. You’ll be able to easily upload and share lease contracts, photographs of buildings and apartments, and any other important documents.

Professional Website and Online Apartment Listings
It’s nearly impossible to be successful in any business nowadays without a great online presence, and that’s especially true for landlords trying to fill vacancies. By using quality landlord software, you’ll receive a professional website that will be great for tenant acquisition, vacancy promotion, and many more online services.

Better Vacancy Advertising
Publishing vacant housing and apartments you have available is extremely important so you can acquire more renters. But with quality property software, you can easily post your available vacancies online and to websites like Craigslist and other popular rental sites. You’ll be able to attach photographs to each post, information about the property, and any details about pricing.

One of the best aspects of online property management software is the ability to innovate. If there is something that you think could help you better manage your property or assist your tenants, you can request an addition to the software and the creators might even add it.

3 Tips to Help Property Managers

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Iproperty solutions softwarenvesting in real estate property can be a complicated process. Whether you are a property manager or want to break into the property management industry, if you aren’t careful with your investments and your subsequent property managing, your investment can end up costing you a lot of money and potentially a career.

If you’re involved in commercial property management, keep these tips in mind when it comes to real estate investing and managing your property.

Figure Out All Expenses Before You Purchase the Property
It’s essential to determine the cost of taxes and all property renovations before you actually buy the real estate. Far too many investors and property managers fail too early on because they only budget for the actual purchase of the property. But what good is having property if it’s not up to par with your potential renters’ standards? You’re most likely going to have to finance some renovation projects to make your property more attractive for the renters. So make sure you set aside plenty of cash for these types of renovation projects.

Do Plenty of Research Before the Purchase
Along with properly budgeting for any property buying, you should also do plenty of research beforehand. You should take a close look at the land deed and inspect every detail. Make sure you’re aware of any landscape or roadway projects that could begin near your property in the future that could affect the value of the land. Once you’ve thoroughly researched these aspects of the property, you will have enough knowledge to make a correct decision about whether or not to continue with the purchasing discussions.

Utilize Property Solutions Software Programs
Because there are roughly 110 million renters in the U.S., managing property can feel overwhelming. Luckily, there is property solutions software that can assist property managers throughout the country. Online property management software programs provide real estate managers the opportunity to keep track of all the necessary logistical aspects of renting property.

If you want to learn more about how property solutions software can help you as a property manager, contact Rentec Direct today!

Understanding Phishing, Part 1: The Hacking Technique Behind Most High Profile Leaks

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Since election day, a number of high-profile journalists, think-tank employees, and professors have received a disturbing Google notification: foreign state-sponsored hackers may be trying to infiltrate their Gmail accounts.

Nobel Prize-winning economist and New York Times columnist Paul Krugman, former U.S. diplomat and current Stanford University professor Michael McFaul, and GQ correspondent Keith Olbermann are just some of the individuals whose Google Drive and Gmail data have been reportedly compromised.

Phishing, the technical name for these malicious hacks, has been the cause of some of the most highly publicized and significant leaks in recent history. The short list includes John Podesta’s leaked emails, the Democratic National Convention hack, and the 2014 leak of over 100 celebrity nude photos as a result of an iCloud API breach.

When phishing, hackers send an email to their target that convinces them to enter an account password or other personal or sensitive information. Using email addresses like “no-reply@google.admin,” these hackers have been posing as Google, and have used the disclosed information to login to the user’s account, compromising G Suite cybersecurity. While many phishing cases are intended to access bank accounts, these hackers are now targeting journalists, higher education institutions, think tanks and hospitals, as well as other places that harbor sensitive information not available for release. In many cases, account holders will fall for these tricks, and disclose their passwords or other information.

Google has caught on, however, and is trying to prevent further hacks by issuing statements to individuals whom the company believes to be at risk.

In the warning, Google said that government-based attackers use phishing tactics to access data and spy on “no less than 0.1% of all Gmail users.”

To combat this, Google recommends enabling two-factor authentication and setting up a security key, which requires users to use multiple forms of authentication before an account can be accessed.

One of the best ways to do this is by enabling a Google recovery account through a company like Spinbackup. With over one billion Gmail users, it’s hard for the tech giant to backup Google Drive and Gmail on its own. With a third party Google recovery account management system, you’ll be able to use G Suite freely without worry.

The Emergence of Surprising Remote Positions

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Technology is an important part of our day to day lives. It is crucial in our communication with loved ones all across the country and world. It is necessary in our banking needs, allowing us to deposit and write checks electronically. It is also a more convenient way to work. Many employers have even moved to an entirely virtual office, allowing employees to conduct their work duties from anywhere in the world. Because of the many benefits that virtual work offers employees, remote positions have become a highly demanded position. As technology continues to improve, we can expect to see even more types of positions added to the current list of possible remote careers.

Electronic security positions

As technology continues to improve and advance, there will be an increased need for technology

Is Your Company Planning to Increase Its Digital Marketing Budget?

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  • Selecting a search engine is often an easier task than selecting from the listed results that search engines produce.
  • Estimates indicate that 70% of content marketers say that blogging has increased their brand awareness.
  • As many as 25% of all search inquiries in the year 2012 were made from mobile devices.
  • Research indicates that as much as 39% of retail customers come from search engine inquiries.
  • Compliance mandates such as Payment Card Industry (PCI), Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), and Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA) require businesses to protect, track and control access to sensitive information.
  • HIPAA com

Three Reasons Why Updating a Phone System to Use VOIP is the Best Choice

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Fewer businesses are using traditional landlines in today?s age of technology. Besides being costly, not as many companies and individuals are doing business over the phone anymore. Email has taken the place of primary communication from simple queries to having more serious conversations. Some companies are starting to understand the benefits of how to utilize voip from end to end. Many business may wonder why they should even bother-after all, it can?t really save them that much money, can it? Here are three reasons how companies can grow and prosper by starting to utilize voip from end to end.

Using a VOIP System Saves Companies Money in the Long Term

Many businesses have been pleasantly surprised by switching from a traditional phone company to simply making use o

4 Marketing Ideas for the Company on a Budget

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If you are considering starting a company then there are a few things that you can do to make yourself known without having to spend a lot of money. The initial expense of starting up a company can be the main deterrent to becoming a business owner. The risk factor of whether it’s even going to take off can be scary to. However, in order to minimize your expenditure in the beginning here are a few tricks for getting your name out there without having to pay for advertising in the very beginning.

Social Media Marketing Strategy
Having a strong social media marketing strategy is important to letting people know that you exist. Almost everyone is on social media now so really use it to your advantage. Trying to get involved with Continue Reading No Comments

Cables Named After (and Chewed by) Cats

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There is enough jargon in the world of technology to make most people’s heads spin. To make matters more complicated, there are also various versions of similar objects such as cables, each with slightly different names or numbers that indicate efficiency, power, storage, and/or speed.

But before we get too ahead of ourselves, let’s take a look at two types of cables with names that might remind one of their favorite feline companions: Siamese cables and Cat cables. No, these cables don’t actually have to do with cats of the animal variety, but perhaps their nomenclature can help one better remember their functions.

Siamese Video Cables:<

6 of the Greatest Search Engine Optimization Tips Out There

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Are you looking for some good search engine optimization tips? Well, this article will give you the best list that you going to find. Just like everything else, in order to make your program, machine, day and company run smoother, you have to abide by checklists. Digital media marketing is no exception. Here are all the search engine optimization tips that you need to run a successful online campaign and rank higher in Google.

  1. Find a good keyword.
    The first thing you want to do is make sure that you have the best phrase or word for search engines to catch on to. Take a look at the content; if you are writing about toys for pets, then you’ll want to find a phrase