Cloud Connectivity What Exactly is The Cloud?


According to the narrator in the video, the cloud is a network of servers spread across the world, acting as a massive hard drive for data from various sources. For instance, whenever people open their e-mail or stream their favorite movies or TV shows, they use the cloud. The cloud also encompasses the software and databases that help run servers.

So, how exactly does the cloud work? Cloud connectivity is actualized by a tech known as virtualization. This is the creation of a virtual or online computer that acts like a physical computer with hardware.

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Users access the cloud via browsers on their PCs or smartphones on numerous interconnected networks.

The benefit of the cloud is that users can access their data from anywhere around the world as long as they have internet connectivity. Unfortunately, cloud infrastructure can experience downtime, resulting in substantial client losses.

Fortunately, most cloud infrastructures operated by industry leaders such as Amazon (AWS), Google (Google Cloud), and Microsoft (Azure) have redundancies in place in case of outages. Servers are backed up in other locations hence why the cloud is always online. Cloud technology continues to develop and advance rapidly, and we can expect to continue to watch its evolution over the coming years.

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