Did You Give Your Dad a Fidget Spinner or Electronics for Father’s Day?


Prototype assembly

Fidget spinners, the latest craze for kids and teens, may also be the perfect gift for that father in your life. Whether you are looking for a little something extra for the 85 year old grandfather in your life or the 54 year old dad to your daughters, have you considered taking a step away from the electronics that require circuit board assembly services? For all PCB inspections that are needed for most of the products that we use on a daily basis, it seems that the addictive spinning toys that were the curse of classroom teachers everywhere last month.
We are a nation of people who love gadgets. For the most part, however, the gadgets that we use require a long line of PCB inspections and prototypes all resulting in an electronic item that is sure to occupy hours of time a day. From the convenience of a television remote to the various handheld communication devices that we all use, it can seem like everything that matters is PCB inspection dependent.
Along comes the fidget spinner.
For all of the annoyance that these whirling gadgets brought to teachers and principals, there is also the curiosity that such a simple, and nontechnical, gadget could have captured the attention of so many. No batteries, no electronics. The fidget spinner has taken the nation by storm.
We all know, however, that eventually these spinning novelties will outrun their course and the users will likely return to the electronics that we have all become more accustomed to. And while the trend of today’s fidget spinner did not require any technology, most of the gadgets and gizmos that we rely on require electrical connections and switches or other kinds of parts that create needed connections. In fact, the use of printed circuit boards enable much of the technology that we use today. From the computerized controls in a car to the small circuit boards that enable the doorbell to ring, we are a country full of people who rely on technologies to get us through our days.
When you are tired of fidgeting and want to get down to the real work of life you will need the technologies that depend on PCB innovation.

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