Grow Your Pharmacy with a Great POS System


Pharmacy retail software

Many small pharmacies have a hard time competing with the larger chains. The reason is that bigger stores can often offer better rewards programs and have a wider variety of products for sale. The good news for smaller pharmacies is that they can offer services customers like such as delivery services and a personal touch while giving customers some of the same things big chain stores can. The way they do this is by using new point of sale systems. Pharmacy pos systems can help smaller pharmacies in a lot of ways such as with product inventory management.

7 Ways a Pharmacy Point of Sale System Can Help You Grow Your Business:

  1. They can help you provide better customer service. Using a POS system for your pharmacy can help you keep patient information on file. When a person comes in to fill a new prescription, these systems can make sure you have all of their insurance information already on file to speed up the transaction. This means your staff can spend less time processing the transaction and more time answering questions and providing the customer service that is so much a part of your business.
  2. These systems can help increase the number of cash registers. With mobile technology and a POS system, your staff can process sales from all over the store. You do not need to add a ton of registers to process sales from around the store during your busy times. This will make it much easier to control the flow of your customers and made the experience more pleasant for everyone.
  3. Manage your product inventory more efficiently with a good POS system. Some people prefer to shop and rot get their prescriptions filled at bigger stores because they have a large selection of products. You do not have to have a giant store to offer the things your customers really want. A POS system can help manage and monitor your product inventory so you can see which products sell and which do not. This will help you keep in stock the items you know your customers want and not things that just sit on the shelves. This saves you spare and lets you provide the things that will sell.
  4. You can cut your costs for the items you sell. You can keep better track of your product inventory so that you can negotiate better prices with your vendors. If you know your customers really like to buy Diet Coke, you can stock up on it rather than just buying the bare minimum that may cost more. You can order these popular products before you run out.
  5. Better product inventory management can help you run better specials. You can keep track of what products are selling but also when. If you know that certain products sell really well on the weekends, you can run specials to make the most of that information. A good POS system will show you more about your customers’ buying habits than what they want to buy.
  6. Reward customer loyalty. You do not have to be a major chain to give thanks to your loyal customers. Good POS systems can help you say thanks to the people whose business keeps your doors open. You can offer them points or other loyalty programs to show them that you appreciate their business.
  7. Manage employee schedules. Because the pharmacy POS system can track sales and let you know when your business serves the greatest number of customers, you can schedule your staff to be in at the right times.

Many people prefer to shop at smaller, local shops than go to the big chains. Nowhere is this more true than with pharmacies. People like the idea of getting to know a pharmacist and consider them to be a part of their health care team. Some consumers have moved to shopping at big chain pharmacies because of the convenience. They sell a lot more then prescription medication. Small pharmacies can get at least some of those customers back by using POS systems to manage their product inventory and offer some of the same conveniences as the bigger chains. Customers get the convenience and personal service at the same place.

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