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“I am not sure I can tell you my secret, but I can tell you my motivation.”
That honest response from the top sales person of one of the advertising agencies may have very well been the reason that your company signed the new three year contract for the company’s digital marketing services. The sales person went on to explain that her motivation was the fact that she had two children in college. And college tuition bills were all the motivation she needed to work and create until she came up with a unique marketing plan for each one of her customers. If there was a secret as well, she explained, the secret was completely different for every client. By getting to know the client and completely understanding the product her secret, if there is one, is to develop a campaign that will so uniquely brand the product it simply would not work for any one else.
And with that explanation, your marketing team selected this sales person and her company over all of the other advertising agencies you had consulted with.
Deciding Between Advertising Agencies Is an Important Decision for Any Marketing Team
Statistics indicate that the average consumer consults as many 11 consumer reviews when they are making a decision about a purchase. In addition, those 805 of those review reading potential customers indicate that they do “a lot” of online research as well. Another 46% indicate that they rely on social media when making buying choices.
Without an ad agency to help generate content for social media posts and attractive website designs, it is easy for companies to get lost in the digital noise that is today’s consumer market. And while many companies have marketing departments, these staff members are often tasked with marketing individual products, not necessarily constant online content.
A creative agency is able to help businesses of any size and any kind develop a plan that will help them attract and keep customers and clients. Whether it is a church looking to grow the number of people in the community that they serve or a commercial camera store trying to compete with online products, advertising agencies are often the best bridge toward these customers. The advertising firms of yesterday have turned themselves into website design specialists and social media experts who follow online trends and adjust their practices to meet those trends.
Today’s digital customers are able to select their product and service purchases from hundreds of online companies. It is not surprising then that today’s advertising agencies have to constantly be on the look out for new and interesting ways to make their clients get noticed.
Is Your Marketing Department Trying to Determine How Social Media Benefit Can Your Business?

The latest marketing research indicates that 78% of companies indicate that they had dedicated social media teams in 2015. This percentage was an increase from the 67% in 2012. The constant social media production challenge is likely the reason that social media content creation and management now claim the second largest share of all digital marketing budgets.
Ad agencies that understand how social media advertising is generated understand how to help their clients. And ad agencies who have a staff of writers to generate organic content can help a client move to the top of search engine results. Unfortunately though, 50% of companies who are using digital marketing do not have a an organized plan. Random posts and blog entries with few followers will not help companies generate the digital traffic that they need to increase their sales and their internet presence. With the help of an ad agency, however, clients can benefit from a variety of services which will help customers immediately identify a product or a service.
Hiring an agency to assist with strategic branding, creative execution, digital and social marketing, as well as media planning and buying and web development can help many companies, both large and small, increase their internet presence. A larger internet presence can lead to more name brand recognition and, ultimately, more sales. Instead of attempting to generate the needed content to keep social media followers involved, the top companies select advertising agencies to complete these very necessary tasks.

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