Reduce Your Company’s Theft Problems with Structured Cabling Systems


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There are many reasons your company should install structured cabling for data and voice systems. Technology and the manner in which it is continually developing are making connectivity not only more desirable but also more possible than ever before. Communication solutions have a far-reaching range these days, and if you ask any leading provider of business telephone systems, they will tell you that helping prevent and track theft is a very important reason to install structured cabling for data and voice.

Structured cabling is telecommunications cabling infrastructure for buildings or campuses. It consists of many standardized smaller pieces and parts called subsystems.

Included in one of these subsystems could be instruments such as surveillance cameras which have remote access. This can very likely eliminate theft and losses up to 80%. They can also improve productivity, which is something every business would like to see.

The United States Chamber of Commerce estimates that employee theft costs businesses over $20 billion and up to as much as $40 billion. The strongest recommendation that can be made for the reduction of these costs is to have a video surveillance camera installed. When you have structured cabling for data and voice installed on your campus or in your business building, you are connecting everything together, structuring it so that all things work together.

Structured cabling is the design of a system in which multiple hardware uses are being supported. Not only will they service your needs for today, they will also be able to grow with the needs of your future. When your structured cabling for data and voice system is correctly installed, whatever hardware you choose to add in the future will be fully supported. This is a critical point to consider when deciding on structured cabling systems.

Structured cabling can help reduce your theft costs, but it can also help your company be more productive by enabling employees to do at least some of their work by telecommuting. Right now, roughly 64 million American employees have at least some kind of part time work that is done via telecommuting. Having this kind of possibility opens up the door to a greater flexibility which keeps employees happier and more productive. It is truly a win-win situation. And when an employee is happy, they are less likely to be involved in a theft from your business.

There are many reasons that structured cabling is a good idea for your campus or business. Not the least of which is helping to reduce the amount of theft that can often plague a large corporation or campus. The more equipped you are with the advanced technologies of our day, the more you stand to gain not only right now but also in the many days that lie ahead.

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