Are All Heat Press Transfer Machines Alike?


In 2016, the U.S. apparel market was worth an estimated $315 billion. The convenience of a multi-purpose heat press makes it a popular option for many businesses who prize quality branding. But makes one specialty heat press better than another? The truth is that the answer depends on a few variables concerning the needs of the business.

Are Promotional Items a Valid Form of Marketing a Brand?

A multi-purpose heat press has a broad range of applications. Heat press machines are often used to create promotional items for a company. Unlike the cheap pens most people are familiar with, brands now are creating more substantial items. Textiles such as hats, home goods, and of course t-shirts are a few pieces people like to use.

How Heat Transfers Work.

Using heat to transfer designs onto fabrics is quickly becoming a preferred method among t-shirt designers. By using this method, the vapor from the heat allows the design to be transferred seamlessly onto the fabric. The results from a multi-purpose heat press are kinder to colorful designs over other methods such as screen printing.

Benefits of Having Customized Gear.

Never discount the power of wearable branding. The marketing opportunities for branded t-shirts or hats alone is enormous. Consider the number of people the average person sees in a day. It’s not just one’s acquaintances but also the strangers who glance their way who take in the branding. Our human brains cannot help but notice what someone else is wearing.

Features of a Great Heat Press.

A good multi-purpose heat press will prove to be a good return on investment. It needs to be reliable, easy to operate, and efficient enough to handle the workload the user requires.

Determine the size of clothing your company will be focusing on, as this effects the size of the heat press. Next, how important is ease of use to you? Some machines have the work done at the press of a button or two. Lastly, do you prefer analog or digital? Again, ease of use is great but it will result in a higher priced product.

By 2025, the U.S. apparel market is expected to grow to about $385 billion. Small design firms are investing in their own multi-purpose heat press for the convenience and the control it gives them over their branding. Choosing the right heat press for your business requires some thought as to the product you will be moving, and your goals for the company.

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