Creating a Successful Online Webpage


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The internet is a part of almost everything we do today. It has become important in our food and restaurant choices, our healthcare providers appointments and reviews and even in planning our vacations. A company that wants to be successful in today?s technological world must cater to online shoppers and reviewers. Digital marketing optimization is important in gaining the necessary online traffic to your website. There is a lot involved in digital marketing optimization and in ensuring that your webpage is serving its marketing purpose.

Simply having a webpage is not enough. Most businesses have some form of a webpage on the internet. The webpage needs to be constantly updated and provide good information about the business. The contact information needs to be clear and consistent. The main page should be interactive and engage customers, encouraging them to go further. You want them to click into your webpage further, giving them the ability to explore the items you have for sale or the products or services that you offer. The more the user clicks around, the more they will remember your webpage and your business when a need arises.

The navigation also needs to be simple. Users will be visiting the webpage from a variety of sources, including mobile devices, IPad devices and desktops. 46% of mobile users report having difficulty interacting with a web page and 44% complain that navigation was difficult. It can be difficult to design a webpage that is both desktop and mobile friendly, but there are options. Many digital marketing firms can assist your business with creating a mobile friendly version of the webpage. 62% of companies that designed a website specifically for mobile had increased sales. Customers who have a better webpage interaction with their mobile devices are more likely to follow through with a purchase. Ecommerce web design services can help with creating the two different versions of the webpage.

In addition to an interactive and engaging webpage that is both desktop and mobile friendly, the graphic design of the webpage needs to ensure that it lands in the first few search results. Most people only click into a few options after the search results are given. They may click to the second page, but very few rarely go beyond that. Digital marketing optimization is important in obtaining the necessary keywords and information on the site that ensures that you companies webpage will land in these first few results. An affordable web design company usually has the ability to also help with digital marketing optimization.

The ease of navigation of the webpage is not the only important factor in online shopping. The shopping cart needs to be easily navigable and secure. Many online shoppers are wary of sharing their personal information, including their credit and debit card information. They will only go through with a purchase that appears to be safe and secure. Newer companies who do not have their own online card merchant services can use other larger payment processing sites that are already trusted. 40% of people will leave a web page within three seconds if it fails to fully load. Customers expect the webpage they are shopping from to completely work. If it does not, their trust is reduced and they are less likely to go through with the purchase. This is another important reason to have a professional digital marketing service assist with the designs of the online webpage.

Any company that wants to be successful in today?s technological world needs to have a fully working and interactive webpage. People look to the internet for business reviews and contact information today. The webpage needs to be both interactive and engaging. It needs to provide good information and the company?s contact information needs to be clear. The page also needs to land in the first few search results, as most customers do not go past the second page. The page should also be both mobile and desktop friendly, to provide access for all types of online shoppers. Also, the online shopping cart, if applicable needs to be safe and secure in order to gain the trust of the online shopper.

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