Four Reasons You Can’t Afford Not to Use an Executive Search Consultant


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Has your business considered using executive HR search firms for your next talent acquisition? Finding the best candidates for executive rolls is one of the single most important decisions that you can make for your business. Think about it: even if your ship was made out of solid gold, it will only sail as smoothly as the captain sailing it is capable of. Okay, we don’t know how good of an idea it is to try to sail a ship made of solid gold. A good captain should weigh in on that decision. But we do know that it is a good idea to consider hiring executive HR search firms when you’re looking to hire a new captain of your company.

The far-reaching benefits that executive HR search firms provide to companies are often the single difference between a thriving executive on-boarding, and a disastrous one. Consider some of the reasons that successful companies choose to use executive HR search firms:

Four Reasons Businesses Win When They Use Executive Search Consultants

  1. HR executive recruiters broaden the fishing net.
    It is possible that your recruitment ad placed on the usual channels — maybe and — will be enough to catch the eye of the perfect candidate for your executive position, who will apply, and your in-house HR team will choose them and you’ll all live happily ever after. However, that’s unlikely.

    The most successful executive candidates aren’t looking for job opportunities because they’re kicking butt and taking names at their current job. An executive recruiter makes it their job to network and know who’s who and what’s what in your local job market. When the executive recruiter gets a read on the type of candidate you are looking for, they’ll know the right man (or woman) for the job. They’ll then make contact with said person and make the opportunity (that they never would have considered otherwise) known to them. Consider your executive recruiter somewhat of a match maker. They’re your company’s Professional Love Doctor.

  2. Your executive recruiter knows how to identify the right man (or woman) for the job.
    Having the right tools to lead a company into success requires more than a person can express on a resume. The right candidate will need to have the experience and skills that you’re looking for, but they also need to jive with your work culture. They need to have interpersonal skills. They need to have some gut instinct. They need to be made of that special ingredient that will make your company thrive under their leadership.

    Executive recruiters know how to identify that special cocktail of intangible characteristics in the perfect executive recruiter, because that’s the entire purpose of their existence. They live to find the right executive for companies just like yours.

  3. Executive recruiters make on-boarding go smooth, like butter.

    There is a reason that when the president of the United States is inaugurated, his first public speech is to reveal what he plans to do during his first 100 days in office. The transition to a new leader can make or break his entire success at the enterprise (or in the instance of the POTUS, the success of the United States of America).

    The day that you hire a new executive, your executive recruiter doesn’t shake your hand and walk away. This is the point their work has just begun. Your executive recruiter specializes in getting the leader of a company on track for success.
  4. Executive recruiters can offer a unique perspective.
    Companies tend to work in silos. They know what’s hip and hot in their own industry, but not management trends across all industries. Meanwhile, an executive recruiter might not have as much industry-specific knowledge as you, but they specifically work with management teams across a variety of industries. They can offer insight on your management structure that you might never have considered on your own.

    Perhaps there is a restructure that could save your business a huge sum of money, or help you run more efficiently. While you are knee-deep in your industry, you might not recognize the opportunity. An executive recruiter is a fresh set of expert eyes, who knows what really amps up a business for success, across all industries.

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