Google’s New Logo Is More Functional Than You’d Think


creativeBuilding brand loyalty is one of the most important and profitable things a company can do nowadays. A single repeat customer spends about 67% more than a new one, and building loyalty with just 5% more customers could lead to an increased average profit per customer of between 25% and 100%. The keys to building brand loyalty — at least for Millennials — are a great product (which 77% reported was important), and brand recognition (which 69% said was important).

So it’s interesting that Google just reinvented its logo.

Switching things up is not one of the newest brand development strategies, nor is it all that uncommon. Spotify, for example, also recently revamped its logo. What’s interesting, though, is the reason why Google changed its logo, and what its function is.

Gizmodo reports that the reason for the creative change-up is because it doesn’t need as much of a logo as it needs a constantly morphing identity that can resonate across mediums.

It’s the first, major, innovative design change in a whopping 16 years, and even uses a totally custom, creative, new typeface called Product Sans. Yep — as part of its brand development process, Google has cut its serifs off, and apparently it’s for functional purposes, not exclusively aesthetics.

According to Co.Design, using a sans-serif font is not “some attempt at dot com cool.” The “streamlined glyphs shrink down to tiny sizes with more legibility than the more ornamental serif lettering. And so Google has created a logo that can read as well on a 2.5-inch Android Wear watch face as it does your 50-inch TV playing Chromecast.”
In other words, Google found a solution as scientific as it is creative to represent itself across a plethora of constantly evolving digital mediums.

Go check out the new Google logo, and tell us what you think!

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