The Evolution Of Industrial CT Scanning


3D scanning technology

Industrial CT scanning is a powerful new application of 3D scanning technology. Processes that were once native to the medical realm, such as X-raying and 3D scanning, have now been integrated into industries as wide-ranging as forensics, engineering, geology and many more. The resulting paradigm shift has made difficult tasks like reverse engineering and non destructive testing more accessible, reduced the costs of product inspection and failure analysis by 25% to 75%, and revolutionized the world of industrial production.

Prior to the application of CT scanning to industrial part inspection in 2009, the prime means of inspection were touch probe, line of sight scanning and 2D X-ray inspection. Although each of these technologies was effective in their own right, they each suffered from various flaws and faults in the key process of capturing internal part data. Over time, our company refined our application of CT scanning to the industrial process, accumulating a variety of metrology equipment and 3D scanning technology, until we established a means by which we could perform large volumes of highly detailed inspection work.

Industrial CT scanning inspection services are now available and useful for a wide variety of tasks across the full spectrum of industries. This comes at a time where data and information have come to constitute a huge force within the industrial economy. Developing nations such as China have increased production by about 8% in December 2014, and total industrial production increased 0.9 points in the course of the last year. The global demand for efficient and effective industrial production is growing, necessitating the continued improvement and refinement of 3D scanning technology that can perform the tasks of failure analysis and production inspection to the greatest degree of accuracy.

Today, this technology has been used for industrial fiber analysis, cone beam CT imaging, wall thickness analysis and many other functions and services. Contact us for more information, or leave your thoughts and experiences in the comments below.

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