How Digital Printing is Changing the World of Marketing


If you are a marketer, you might think you need to work with a printing service to get the materials you need for campaigns. While these services have their benefits, you could also purchase a digital press machine and do it yourself, potentially saving your company time and money. Color digital printing is necessary for advertisements, signage, and other materials meant to attract customers, so it is an essential part of your plans. A digital offset printing machine might be too expensive to purchase initially, but if marketing is a major part of your budget, it is a worthwhile investment. You can shop sales and save up, potentially finding a used machine to save even more money.

If you know how to use a digital press and graphics, it can be transformative for your business. You will be able to stay up to date with technology and potentially find new ways to advertise and make money. So if this isn’t something you’ve considered doing, you should look into both learning and purchasing everything you need.

Just about every business knows that marketing is extremely important. Finding the most effective yet creative ways to share your company, your company’s products, and its mission is a top priority — and challenge — for virtually all companies. Print communication such as direct mail had been the popular marketing tactic of choice. In 2014 alone, businesses spent a whopping $44.5 million on direct mail marketing. And more and more digital printing and digital communication have become the marketing mode of choice. In fact, more than 75% of businesses attribute their success to using both commercial printing and digital communication marketing tactics.
While commercial printing seems like a no-brainer to many, digital printing is still a elusive and at times confusing industry for many to wrap their head around. In truth, the concept couldn’t be more simple. Digital printing is a method that prints digitally based images onto a plethora of media types.

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And now, digital printing is quickly making its way to the forefront of marketing material printing methods. More and more companies are seeking the help of digital printing companies that offer digital printing services that will help their business gain the visibility they desire.

One example of digital printing is car wraps. Car wraps are a rapidly growing trend within the marketing industry. These wraps are effective and affordable, as they are an investment that continues to pay for itself. In fact, almost half of all participants in a survey agreed that car wraps are one of the most innovative and effective forms of marketing currently on the market. Because of this, more and more vehicle wrap companies are popping up across New York’s metro area.

We are undoubtedly a visual culture. Digital printing recognizes this, helping to take your business to the next level with stunning digital printing.

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