Recruiting Firms Can Help You find the Talent That You Need to Keep Your Business Running


in a time when the nation is reporting some of the lowest unemployment rates in history, there are a number of industries that are struggling to find the talent that they need. For this reason there are a number of public sector executive search firms, as will as executive search firms, that are providing valuable services to their clients who are struggling to find the talent that they need.

From firms that specialize in food processing equipment recruiting to firms that focus on helping companies that are looking for rotational molding or other kinds of trades, there are a number of ways industry specific recruiting firms can help find employment solutions.

Finding the Right Recruiting Firm Can Help You Solve Your Hiring Challenges
When was the last time that your company was fully staffed? With the help of the right recruiting firm you will be able to meet the challenges that a nation with low unemployment rates faces. Whether you are looking for science recruitment agencies or supply chain and logistics recruiters, it is often to your advantage to outsource the hiring challenges that you face.

Consider some of these statistics about the hiring challenges that many industries face when they are trying to get to the point of being fully staffed and that they are able to keep the talent that they worked so hard to find:

  • The boom of the Internet of Things will mean that the number of devices that connect to the internet will increase from about 13 billion today to 50 billion by the year 2020. This means that there are a number of new jobs that will need to be filled by an already depleted work force.
  • 71% of respondents admit to having a shortage of skilled candidates in their respective sectors during the year 2014. This number is a slight decrease to the 76% in the year 2013.
  • The average time to fill jobs in 2013 varied from one position to another. For instance, it took six days to fill temporary positions; eight days for contract positions, and 32 days for permanent positions.
  • Companies reported in 2013 that 5.9% of their external hires were sourced by search firms. This percentage was almost double the 2012 statistics and the highest number in more than a decade.
  • Sales of search and placement services reached $13.2 billion in the year 2013, including the specific need for positions like food processing equipment recruiting jobs.
  • Followed by referrals and social media, the number one source of qualified candidates for 2013 was existing candidates from respondents’ applicant tracking systems.

From the very specific needs for food processing equipment recruiting to other industry specific searches, it is important to make sure that you are able to

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