The Importance of Data Analysis Software


There is a lot that the general population does not know about technologies such as text extraction software and identity resolution software. In fact, the average person has no idea how many uses identity resolution software and the life truly have. The typical American also has experienced a not insignificant deal of fear about the growth of opinion mining in the world. However, there is nothing to fear from identity resolution software and semantic analysis. In fact, identity resolution software and link extraction software are used for good more frequently than for any other purpose.

For instance, identity resolution software can be used for issues of border control, something that the average person in the general population has never really had reason to be aware of. But identity resolution software to prevent issues at our border and to promote national safety has been, on a whole, very successful and effective. Text analytics can help to strengthen the security at our borders in a number of ways, but there are three keys steps to effectively utilize identity resolution software and the like to eliminate threats to our country.

The first step that is often taken is to identify dangers both at screening time and elsewhere near the border. The next step involves identifying which of these potential dangers is not truly a threat and which of the potential dangers identified warrants follow up and may prove to be dangerous if left with no investigation. Third, it’s important to use the data compiled to identify any future threats to the border and, in some cases, to national security on a whole.

But text mining and identity resolution software have more uses than just border control, though border control is most certainly a viable and important use of such programs. Business marketing departments have also used text analysis tools to their advantage in a similar way, as it can be used to detect threats to the business or the company. It can also be used to understand their target demographic better by utilizing information garnered from social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram. In fact, Facebook alone creates more data every second with more than one and a half regular users on a monthly basis. With these tools, the customer engagement levels can be improved, as well as the overall positive customer experience.

There are four important steps to text analysis and data retrieval. The first of these steps involves that of information retrieval, as without information there is nothing considerable to analyze. The second step should involve natural language processing and the third step typically incorporates the actual extraction of any relevant information, separating it from information that may not be so important for whatever purposes and uses are at hand. Finally, in the last step, the data gathered is mined for information. This data can be put to many uses, from increasing border security to improving the marketing campaigns of a business or a company.

The fact of the matter is, we have an incredible wealth of information at our hands. With more data created every second, it is estimated that we have only ever utilized around one percent of the available data, meaning that the vast majority of data created has never even been touched. Text mining and text analytics software tools can help to link the mined data with the data that has, for all intents and purposes been lost, giving us a link to a greater and more in depth wealth of information than we could ever have dreamed of before the advent of such technology.

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