Three Reasons Why Updating a Phone System to Use VOIP is the Best Choice


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Fewer businesses are using traditional landlines in today?s age of technology. Besides being costly, not as many companies and individuals are doing business over the phone anymore. Email has taken the place of primary communication from simple queries to having more serious conversations. Some companies are starting to understand the benefits of how to utilize voip from end to end. Many business may wonder why they should even bother-after all, it can?t really save them that much money, can it? Here are three reasons how companies can grow and prosper by starting to utilize voip from end to end.

Using a VOIP System Saves Companies Money in the Long Term

Many businesses have been pleasantly surprised by switching from a traditional phone company to simply making use of their internet and using VOIP. They have reported a drop of 40% in their phone bill when making local calls. For those that are just starting up a company, using a VOIP system rather than traditional based phone systems can save as much as 90% on a phone bill. Considering how difficult it can be for new business to begin as they start out, this is an ideal option that still allows them to present a professional image while keeping their overhead low. Since a lot of communication is done through email or even texting or messaging today, the need for expensive plans for a phone system are not necessary anymore.

VOIP Systems Do Not Go to Waste Even When Not in Use

There are many things that must be paid for even when they are not in use. For example, companies still must pay for a phone bill, even if they aren?t making a lot of calls. When it comes to voip business systems, a company gets full use out of them even when there is silence on the other line. On average, half of a phone conversation features silence. By using deciding to utilize voip from end to end, companies can take advantage of the silent time, which voip fills with data. This makes it so that bandwidth in data communication channels not wasted, thereby giving a company more use out of their service. Making use of a feature that modern companies will already have not only reduces costs, but is considered extremely efficient in doing double-duty.

Utilizing the Help of a Cloud Can Reduce the Need for an IT Department

Many companies feel that IT is necessary, even if they do not want to have an extra department or even deal with the number of staff that is required to make the company run smoothly. Cloud technology is changing all that, and making the process more streamlined and simplified. Gone are the days of having a huge IT staff to prevent phone lines from going down, or worrying how many technicians are needed to make the company properly staffed. In fact, at least 14% of companies who began using cloud technology decided that they could downgrade their IT department. Couple that with the fact that an overall 82% saved money simply by adopting the cloud into their business rather than simply relying on traditional methods, and it is easy to see why cloud technology is considered the way of the future for many organizations.

Making the choice to utilize voip from end to end can have numerous benefits for any organization that decides to do so. It can cut down the phone bill for a business drastically, reducing the amount of money spent on output for the company. For newer startup companies, this can allow them to easily have a way for others to contact them while keeping their costs low. Since a hosted voip system is likely already used for the company anyway, it can make use of the silent time many phone conversations involve, while continuing to send data over regardless of how much silent time is taking place. Having voip can also reduce the need for a large IT department, something many companies are trying to shy away from as they step toward a new technological era.

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