Understanding the Advantages of a Category 5 Cable


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Choosing the right cable for the needs of your business is an important decision. It can be easy to feel overwhelmed at the wide array of cable selections on the market. However, many businesses have enjoyed the Cat5 crossover cable for quite some time. Your business is important, you need cables that are built to last and can efficiently transmit data. Here are three distinct benefits to choosing a Cat5 crossover cable for the data needs of your business.

  1. Flexibility ? There are two different types of category 5 cable builds, either a solid or stranded conductor form. Businesses can utilize either conductor option, depending upon the cable needed. For instance, if there is a short connection needed, it is advised to using the solid option. In situations where you need to have wires twist and turn down long distances, choosing the stranded conductor is advised.
  2. Lower Cost – A Cat5 crossover cable is one of the least expensive crossover cables available. Capable of effectively transmitting data at a lower cost, these cables have become popular in businesses all across the world for that very reason. However, the low cost of these cables should never have you thinking you are getting a cheap product.
  3. SpeedCat5 cables are well known for their balance of low cost and speedy transfers. However, it is true that larger businesses may not find that Cat5 crossover cable able to transmit data fast enough, there is a solution for that problem, the Cat5e crossover cable. Enhanced with Ethernet capabilities, cat5e network cables are sure to have your businesses data problem solved.

In closing, the decision of which cables to use for your business is a big one to make. Category 5 cables are extremely flexible and able to handle a wide variety of tight spaces. Considering how inexpensive these cables are, it is no wonder they are being used in so many businesses. In addition, the speed of transferring data has also made these cables popular. However, certain businesses may need to upgrade to the Category 5e cables, as the added Ethernet connectivity makes it perfect for large scale networking at faster speeds.

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