Using the Internet For Business Meetings


The rapid growth of computers and the Internet in the past 30 years has radically changed the face of modern American business, and now, more than ever, real-time video chat, smart phones, laptops, and more allow business professionals easier outreach to business partners and customers, as well as their own co-workers and department heads. Companies such as Cisco and others offer new, helpful devices for making remote communication and data management possible so better business can be had, and items or programs such as Cisco Webex, Cisco Spark Bot, Cisco Jabber, and more are possible options for today’s business professionals to make communication faster and more organized than ever through real-time videos and software. In fact, the act of attending a meeting from a remote location through a live video screen is known as having a “virtual presence,” and such a concept is popular not only in the business world but even in other settings such as house parties or weddings, where laptops and smart phones allow people to “attend” a gathering remotely while still seeing what is going on and talking to the people there. Cisco call manager tools, for example, allow todya’s business managers to facilitate this communication easily and without disruption if used right.

Using Cisco Call Manager Tools and More

Amother way to describe the increased use of digital devices and the Internet for business communication is UC, or unified communications. Pagers, cell phones, laptops, and programs such as Cisco ChatBot and other similar programs out there can be brought together so that business professionals at a company are in constant touch and can share computer files and other information as necessary. This idea is growing in popularity, and more managers in business today may want Cisco call manager tools and others to make business better. In particular, Software Advice carried out research recently, and the results show that 76% of small and medium sized businesses may be interested in buying UC solutions so that their employees can communicate better. Also, a study carried out by Steven Rogelberg of the University of North Carolina suggested that 71% of senior managers think that meetings at their organizations are often unproductive and inefficient, and often, meetings only take place in person, and this can often eat up time in a any employee’s work day. And sometimes, employees are at a remote location, such as working at home, at a sales pitch, or traveling abroad for business purposes. Cisco call manager tools, alongside other chat and data-sharing programs on common electronic devices, can help fix this.

Why UC?

The benefits to investing in unified communications can be considerable. As mentioned above, traveling to meetings and back can eat up time that employees could spend on work, so if virtual presences were allowed for those who need it, travel time is cut out, and the employee can still contribute to that meeting nearly as well as if he or she were sitting there in person. And if an employee is working from home an hour’s car drive away, or is traveling abroad in London or Singapore, for example, going all the way back to headquarters for a budget meeting is quite impractical. Instead, computer tablets, smart phones, laptops, and more that are equipped with Cisco brand or other software tools can have a video screen to show what is happening, and that business professional can speak to others and hear them, and see what they are doing, all on an electronic device’s screen. This allows the user to also see graphs, charts, or PowerPoint shows that someone is presenting in the physical meeting, so no one has to describe it to them later.

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