What are Heavy Duty Hose Clamps


What is a heavy duty hose clamp? Hose clamps, or hose clips, are economical and reusable devices used to attach and tightly seal a hose onto a fitting to prevent working fluid or air from escaping. They are commonly found in plumbing and automotive applications. AFT carries many different types of hose clamps, including worm gear hose clamps, band clamps, bolt clamps, dryer hose clamps, heavy-duty hose clamps, mini hose clamps, pinch clamps, quick release clamps, tension clamps, and vinyl dipped clamps, each offering a unique function.

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When searching for the correct material for hose clamps, it’s important to know if the hose clamp will be used in a low or high-corrosive environment.

Zinc plated hose clamps offer fair corrosion protection and are an economical choice for indoor or low-corrosive environments. 18-8/304 stainless steel hose clamps offer very good corrosion protection. 316 stainless steel hose clamps offer excellent corrosion protection.

Hose clamps are also offered in a wide range of sizes, with 1/2” and 9/16” bandwidth and sizes extending beyond 20 inches in diameter. Worm gear hose clamps are typically given in SAE sizes. Refer to our Hose Clamp Size Chart, which will help you select the correct size.

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