What Do Custom Power Cables Look Like on the Inside?


If you’re wondering what actually goes on inside custom power cables, you’re not alone. Countless people use power cables every day and marvel at how they transfer power from an outlet to a device. It’s all in what’s inside of the power cable.

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Let’s review a few important things about the inner components of a custom power cable.

First and foremost is the core of the cable. Most cables have copper wire at their core, which is then insulated by a layer of string or rubber. The reason for using copper on the inside of cables is that it’s an excellent conducting agent. That means that electricity can easily pass through copper uninhibited. The insulation on the outside of the copper wire ensures that the electricity flowing through the wire doesn’t leech out of the cable and cause electrocution.

The next layer of the cable is also an insulating layer. The more insulation a cable has, the safer it will be to use. Insulating laters of rubber also means that your power cable is going to be incredibly durable.


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