How to Create a College Management System in Python


Universities need college admission management software, and you’d be surprised to know how easily you can do that with Python. The Youtube video “Python Tutorial – How to create a college management system using python and MySQL – for beginners” shows what you need to do exactly and the steps you should follow.

It’s amazing how many wonderful tutorials and learning opportunities you can find for free online, and this Python course for beginners is perfect for people who are starting out.

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However, you must know that this is all about the command lines. It will not have a user interface with graphics, as it’s important to know the basics first.

First, this program will use a MySQL database to store and retrieve the actual information related to college admissions. So, you should also understand how to use Python and MySQL databases to complete this project. You’ll also need to have Xampp downloaded on your PC, and follow the instructions to make sure everything will work properly. Finally, you’ll need an Apache module installed.

You can check the rest of the video for more details about making college admission management software.

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