Wire Pass-Through DIY


In this video, you will learn about a wire pass-through. First, pull everything away from the wall. You will want to create a whole with a faceplate.

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The cables can pass through but there is a door that can open and close on it. Start with a tube that can pass through the wall. Depending on your wall thickness, you might need heavy-duty tools. Cut a hole to fix the box. A clean hole through both walls is the idea. Try to go through a stud to hold the whole thing in place. Cut out the front frame on a saw and center the door piece. Round over the inside edges of the frame so the cables don’t get bent over sharp edges. You can paint the box so it matches the siding in your house. Making the frame thicker might actually be more beneficial so you have more overlap. Having more surface area for overlap can give you more soundproof over the hole. If you do not have basic tools at home, consider acquiring a hammer, measuring tape, nails, and a screwdriver before beginning this project. If you are interested in learning more, keep watching this video for more information.

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