Hotel Industry Technology Trends That Are Happening Right Now

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Hoteliers are in the business of hospitality, so it makes sense that they’re always trying to provide the best services possible to their customers. While for a small minority of the population, a bed under a roof is adequate, the majority of guests are looking for a hotel that goes above and beyond.

Many hotels are using technology to cater to their guests by integrating services on a virtual or digital level, as well as providing technological amenities to improve guests’ stays. In 2018, the latest trends in hotel industry technology are only getting more involved.

Digital Concierge
The concierge service has had few advancements throughout the years, primarily staying static as a front-desk point of contact. Telephones made it possible to ring the front desk to speak to an employee or hotel management, which was probably the most significant upgrade. With advancements in technology, the concierge service is getting another, quite impressive upgrade. A digital (or virtual) concierge service will allow guests to have 24-hour access to hotel information, as well as schedule housekeeping, order more pillows or towels, get driving directions, and even make reservations at restaurants and spas. It would revolutionize how guests function with the hotel.

With the popularity of apps for smartphones and tablets, hotels are making it easier to go through the reservation and check-in process. Recently, hotels began offering these services through their websites. Despite being mobile-friendly, there was still room for improvement. Now, guests can download the hotel brand app on their phone and check-in from wherever they may be. This can allow for late check-ins to be accurately maintained and recorded, and instant notification with the guest about any associated fees. With the average daily no-show rate of 10%, brand apps will allow for faster and easier cancellations, allowing the hotel to rebook the room as quickly as possible. These apps can also start to function as room keys, allowing guests to unlock their room using their phones.

With these technological integrations, hotels are able to cater to the needs of their guests with personalized precision, allowing for simpler hotel management and increased satisfaction rates. The future of the hotel industry is happening right now.

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Stay Secure With a Good IT Company On Your Side

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By necessity, most of us can find our way around a computer and manage the basic technological tasks that we need for work, school, or fun. However, when it comes to setting up or managing systems, keeping information secure, or troubleshooting, we mostly only know the bare minimum, if that! This is where an IT support company comes in to play as a vital part of your business’s team. They’ll provide network security and support, help you figure out the best systems to manage your company, and be on hand if you need troubleshooting or a quick scramble to fix something gone wrong. Technology companies are becoming more versatile and more important for almost every business, as the amount of digital information continues to grow at a rapid rate.

What does an IT Support Company Do?
An IT company will not only fix any IT problems that

The Importance of Data Analysis Software

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There is a lot that the general population does not know about technologies such as text extraction software and identity resolution software. In fact, the average person has no idea how many uses identity resolution software and the life truly have. The typical American also has experienced a not insignificant deal of fear about the growth of opinion mining in the world. However, there is nothing to fear from identity resolution software and semantic analysis. In fact, identity resolution software and link extraction software are used for good more frequently than for any other purpose.

For instance, identity resolution software can be used for issues of border control, something that the average person in the general population has never really had reason to be aware of. But identity resolution software to prevent issues at our border and to promote national safety has been, on a whole, very successful and effective. Continue Reading No Comments

3 Important Benefits of Analyzing Unstructured Data

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Document categorization software

While the financial industry often focuses on numbers, it’s important to thoroughly analyze text data as well. In fact, the International Data Corporation estimates that fewer than 1% of data ever becomes analyzed. Considering that, text mining is often utilized in order to bridge this huge gap of missing information. If you really want to find actionable insights concerning your business, it’s wise to consider utilizing the power of unstructured data extraction tools. With that in mind, here are three ways unstructured data extraction software benefits the banking industry.

  1. Analyzing Customer Feedback on Social Media

    Statistics gathered from the International Data Corporation found that the amount of data within the digital universe is expected to reach ove

5 Reasons Your Visitors Want to See an Optimized Website

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Seo techniques

Many business owners create a website in hopes of it obtaining large amounts of traffic or visitors. Due to the popularity of the internet, the appearance of business websites is becoming nearly as important as the company itself. That being said, many businesses begin to wonder how to improve website traffic after not receiving many visitors. If you want your website to begin obtaining traffic, it helps to partner with an SEO friendly website design company. With that in mind, here are five reasons why having an SEO friendly website appeals to visitors.

  1. Creating Content Based on Search Terms

    One of the first things that occur while working with an SEO company is finding the right keywo

Four Reasons to Get Hospitality Management Software

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You’ve put enormous effort and expense into your bed and breakfast or your historic inn. It’s a labor of love, from the decor of the rooms to the perfect breakfast service. After investing so much in every aspect of your property, make sure you’re getting the most out of it and creating the best possible customer experience with the right hospitality software companies and their hotel management software. Just what are the benefits of property management systems?

Save Time

Talk to hospitality software companies directly and find out just how much time hospitality management software systems can save you. The right system allows you to better serve your guests while elimintating time-consuming tasks like logging in and out of multiple systems. A good software solution streamlines workflow and ends all that paper file organizing

Create an Informed Marketing Plan with the Right Software Learn More About Text Mining and Entity Resolution

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Identity resolution software

There is an incredible amount of data that hasn’t been or isn’t currently being analyzed. According to The International Data Corporation, less than one percent of all received data is actually analyzed. Currently, it is believed that text mining is one of the best solutions for this issue. Experts agree that text mining can bridge the proverbial gap to in order to analyze the remaining data.

The Text Mining Process and How it Can Benefit Businesses

While it’s true that data will continue to be generated, the text mining process can make a significant impact on how much of it is actually analyzed. This process involves four basic steps:

  • Information retrieval
  • Natural language processing
  • Information extraction
  • Data mining

Text minin

Data Centers and Refrigerators: What They Have in Common

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cold aisle containment systems

Learning about data centers is like discovering how magicians do their tricks. All of the server racks and electronic cabinets and cables have a purpose and a function, it isn’t just a mystery anymore. Generally, when people say they store something on ‘the cloud’, they aren’t aware the cloud is just a big room with servers whizzing away. In fact, calling it a cloud at all isn’t exactly right. It’s more like a big refrigerator that anybody can put food inside.

Since there are so many benefits of cold aisle containment systems, about 80% of data centers use or plan on using hot or cold aisle containment systems to keep servers cool and reduce their energy consumption. But how exactly does a cold aisle system work?

Imagine for a second that a server is a jar of jam. Delicious, right? After a while of sitting out in the sun, the jar of jam will go bad. So whenever you make butter and jam on toast, you always put them back into the refrigerator. Likewise, if you leave a server stewing in its own heat, it will burn up and die. Then it won’t taste very good (ie. customers won’t be able to access their data). So, what’s the solution?

Cold aisle containment systems are almost literally refrigerators. A section of the data center is blocked off on all sides and on top, and inside of it are servers. The servers, when running, generate fantastic amounts of heat. If they get too hot, they break. Preventing this means cold air and lots of it. Sophisticated air conditioning systems pump hot air out of the room, and cold air back in. This regulates the temperature to a manageable level, and at a fraction of the energy costs of open-air methods of cooling.

Why does this matter?
Like a refrigerator, the stuff you put inside of a cold aisle system needs to stay cold. Unlike a refrigerator, the entire world is putting their data into these servers. ‘The cloud’ is the dominant way we do business online. Websites, e-commerce, online gaming, and many other online platforms run data through data centers and spit it back out to the consumer. If the servers overheat, they are thrown out. If they all overheated, we wouldn’t have access to our data. If data was the food stored in the world’s fridge, we would all starve.

6 Tips and Tricks for Hiring the Right IT Consultation Company

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Marketing firm

Securing a business’s data is one of the most important things they can do but it is often overlooked. This is unfortunate because the vast majority of threats are from within rather than from without. It has been estimated that a full 80% of successful attacks are due to weak or unsecured passwords. If you are looking to shore up the security on your network, you may be looking for someone to provide you with IT consultation. Here are some tips for hiring the right it consulting services company.

  1. Look at what you can afford to spend. When you are thinking about how much you can afford to spend on an IT consulting company, you need to think about how much it would cost if you had to shut your operations down due to a breach in your computer secu

How HR Is Changing the C-Suite

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Hr consultant

Today, companies are finding that one big drag on their bottom line is the problem of employee turnover. Whether it is a loss from the C-suite or the mailroom, people are not staying in their jobs the way they once did. More than ever human resources executive recruiters are helping businesses get and retain the talent they need. The influence human resources (HR) is having on the top level of businesses around the nation was reported on recently in