Expand Your Business with Managed IT Services


Cloud readiness

More and more businesses and organizations are using a managed IT services provider to assist them with day-to-day operations. These include, but aren’t limited to, the following service options:

    Cloud networking consulting
    Computing services

IT consulting

    Network management services
    Office phone solutions
    Search engine optimization
    VoIP phone solutions

According to Forbes

magazine, more small business are expected to choose cloud computing services to streamline their daily operations. It is estimated that four-out-of-five of these businesses will come to rely on this technology for the following reasons:


In 2015, 42% of IT decision makers increased their cloud computing spending. By 2016, over 60% of businesses transferred roughly 50% of their infrastructure to cloud-based platforms. Over the next year, IT executives are planning to focus on the following top three initiatives:

    Security: 36%
    Cloud computing: 31%
    Mobile devices: 28%

According to 2016 predictions, there will be one billion mobile VoIP users in 2017. VoIP solutions are vital for businesses that need to access data from different locations and across devices. This office solution works effectively for conferences, meetings, client and other types of calls.

Currently, hybrid cloud strategies are used by 82% of business enterprises. While 88% of these organizations are using the public cloud, 63% are using the private cloud. Businesses seeking increased security usually opt for using the private versus the public cloud. Given that there was an average of 82,000 new malware threats every day in 2013 alone, this highlights the need to protect access to valuable data.

By 2018, projections indicate that over 60% of business enterprises will be using cloud computing services. Furthermore, these enterprises expect to have a minimum of half their infrastructure transferred to cloud-based platforms by the end of this year.

Business applications such as email are just one of the business applications that are being transferred to the cloud. One of the primary benefits of this is that a managed IT service can provide increased security by monitoring email accounts and utilizing anti-spam and anti-virus software.

For business ventures that offer products and services, using managed IT services can also improve the customer experience. eConsultancy

, for example, has reported that when web pages take over three seconds to load, 40% of the visitors will leave that site. In addition, given the prevalence of mobile devices, potential clients and customers want to be able to access sites across all of their devices.

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