Get the Most Out of Your Direct Mail Advertising with These Tips


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If you wonder why you keep getting advertising in the mail, there is a simple reason for that. Direct mail advertising works. It is a very cost effective way to remind your existing customers that you are still around and to get your name in front of new people. This is the reason that American companies spent around $44.5 million in direct mail advertising in 2014. At least 84% of people admit that they keep promotional material they get with a company’s name and logo on it. If you ask your local printing company, they will tell you that this is one the biggest parts of their business.

Tips for Running a Successful Direct Marketing Campaign:

  1. Give people a “call to action.” Make your mail piece worth something other than just be a reminder about your business. Have a sale that is related to it. For instance, some veterinary clinics will have a printing company send out reminders for flea treatments for cats and dogs that give pet owners a special discount on those treatments with the ad you sent them. Give them a window with which to use it. People are more likely to use a coupon with an expiration date than one without it.
  2. Buy a list. You need to take your existing customers and clients and then add to that list with one that you have purchased. These are not always as expensive as you may think and can really be customized to your audience and potential audience. This is not rocket science nor is it a new concept and the concepts that work and do not have been looked at extensively. Some businesses think that they need to collect all of their list themselves and this can be very time consuming and is not a very effective way to use your in-house staff.
  3. Make it count. You need to make sure the direct mail pieces you send look fantastic. First and foremost, this means going with a good printing company. They do not have to be expensive but the finished product has to look great and put your best foot forward. Remember, this may be the first time a lot of people have ever heard of you and your company. If you do not have a printing company already, talk to a few and get samples of their finished product. A direct mail piece can look very different online than once it is in your hand.
  4. Have the printing company mail your stuff. You can have the commercial printing company only handle your print job and try to have your staff handle the mailing aspect in-house but why? Often companies think they are saving money when they have their employees handle mass mailings but unless you are set up for that, it will end up costing you in their productivity. If you have your list, you can give it to the printing company and have them handle the whole thing. This is often the most cost effective way to do it. It also looks a lot more professional because you are having professionals do it.
  5. Make your copy creative and impactful. Sure, no pet owners wants fleas on their cats and dogs but simply saying that may not be enough. “Stop fluffy from scratching this …” may be a better way to say “this flea medication works well.” You have to catch your customers’ eye with the images and the text on your print ads. Just like any other advertising space, you have only a short amount of time to get their attention. Certainly, you have more when the piece is sitting on their kitchen table than when they are passing it on the road but you still need to make the copy count.

Whether you are pushing a political candidate or a new product, sending direct mail advertising is a great way to improve your bottom line. Printing companies know this and that is the reason they offer so much for businesses to encourage this kind of advertising. It is a very effective way to get new clients and raise awareness of your brand and your work.

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