Reasons to Consider Outsourcing Your IT Services and Support


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Have you ever outsourced work at your company? If you have before, you probably know of the benefits that come with hiring a company to offer their services. If you haven?t yet, there are plenty of reasons why your company could grow, flourish, and succeed even more if you outsourced a department or two. You don?t have to hire employees to be in the office in order to get the job tasks done in an efficient and productive manner. All you have to do is research and hire the best firms to help move your company forward.

Interested in learning more about how to outsource departments at your business like the IT department? Keep reading for more information about IT outsourcing and why it can help improve network security and network support.

Increase in Companies Outsourcing Job Tasks

You may never have thought to outsource work at your company before. That?s likely due to the fact that in the past outsourcing jobs may not have been as popular as a decision in the business world. However, as of recent, more and more companies are choosing to look into outsourcing certain jobs or entire departments at their companies.

Large companies tend to offer the option for remote work and outsourced work most frequently. Only around 31% of large companies keep all their work in house. The other 69% hire remote workers and contractors to help with job tasks. For large companies, this number has doubled since 2005 showing how much more popular this option is becoming. Medium companies don?t fall too far behind, though. Nearly 55% of medium companies will hire remote workers. Small companies beat out medium companies by offering the option to work remotely around 62% of the time.

Outsourcing work can be beneficial for both the company and the worker. In fact, a lot of workers claim they would be more productive if they were offered the option to work remotely rather than maintaining their status in the office. 67% of people surveyed felt this way while 26% didn?t notice any increase in productivity, and 7% felt less productive outside of an office environment.

Reasons to Consider IT Outsourcing at Your Company

IT services are essential to any business. However, that doesn?t mean you have to pay employees to be full-time and in the office in order to get your IT needs met daily. Instead, you can resort to IT outsourcing for some or all of the IT-related jobs you need for your business. You can?t simply get rid of IT services entirely at your company. You will always need employees, whether remote or in house, to help deal with IT-related issues.

For example, if you are a small business, you need to be on the look-out for any hacking that could occur. This is a good example of why you may not need on-site IT services but instead outsourced IT support. If 20% of small businesses are hacked a year, you need someone watching out for your business to ensure that it isn?t hacked. This may not require an in-house IT employee to simply monitor this one issue, though. Save the money on what it would cost to hire a full-time employee and put that toward hiring a highly rated IT consultant to help with any and all issues your small business may go through.

Another reason to consider IT outsourcing is that you can find a company who has reasonable costs without having to worry about hiring someone full-time and offering a benefits package. This company can still handle any type of IT service your company needs. If you need assistance making sure all your data is backed up, an outsourced IT department can handle that for your business. Since so much enterprise data is lost every year in the cloud, it?s important to make sure that some type of IT services is handling backing up all the data at your company in case you are hacked or you lose data.

What departments have you considered outsourcing at your company? Is it helpful having remote employees and in-house employees? Let us know in the comments about your experience working with outsourced departments.

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