Staying Connected in a Technologically Advanced World


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“Have you tried turning it off and back on again?” This common question can be heard in schools, offices, and homes everywhere that a computer decides not to function quite the way that the user wishes it would. Sometimes this simple trick works, and sometimes you need a professional IT consultation. The world is far more connected than it was not long ago, thanks to computers and other devices that allow people to access the Internet. But as they are complex machines, the demand for quality IT consultants has gone up drastically in this technologically advanced era.

Why IT consultations are vital for keeping your computer healthy

Whether you are in charge of a large network of computers in an office or school setting, or you are hoping to ensure the stability and security of the computers and devices in your home, lining up a professional IT consultation can be incredibly beneficial. Many people have at least a basic understanding of how a computer operates, but not everyone has the same level of knowledge and skill when it comes to the intricacies of the computing world. IT consulting allows a professional who has been trained in the complex system that makes your computer function as it is meant to.

Basic computer functions, and why experts are necessary
Perhaps you consider yourself well-versed in the language and operations of computers. If that is the case, you are part of a highly valued breed of people that the rest of us depend on. Most people, even those who would say they have no problem working on a computer, are only familiar with daily functions and possibly a few troubleshooting techniques. But with this advanced age of technology has come advanced viruses and spam. IT consultation is often necessary when something has gone wrong with the system in a way that interferes with the typical functions and operations of the machine, and quite often this is due to a breach in the security.

Getting your computer fixed and protected
Computer repair technicians will often be called in after a hack or spam attack to reset the systems. But they will also be able to tell you how to better defend your computers from such a breach in the first place. Much of a computer’s vulnerability can be traced back to a bit of laziness on the user’s part. About 80% of all hacks are a result of admin passwords that are not strong enough to deter hackers. A chronological set of numbers or your own first name will likely eventually find you calling in a professional for repairs. Be creative and unpredictable when creating passwords, and record them in a safe place that others do not have access to.

Another problem with security can often, unfortunately, come in the form of an attack from within as opposed to an external threat. Somewhere between about 75% and 80% of malicious breaches come from inside an organization. This calls for the necessity of ethical hacking services in order to protect the overall system. Ethical hacking services could include penetration testing and security auditing as a means of thoroughly evaluating the IT infrastructure of your computer systems.

The importance of being connected
Perhaps, at first glance, it does not seem like such a big deal to you to beef up the security of your computer systems, or you do not want to spend money on hiring IT professionals. But there is hardly a successful business today that is able to function apart from computers and apart from the connectivity of the Internet. About 93% of the total Internet experiences begin at a search engine, and if your business is not searchable, you are likely missing out. Many marketers, at another estimated 93%, use some form of social media for business operations, as so many people are currently connected in this way. Blogging has also seen a big boom in the past few years, and about 95% of small businesses consider this avenue to be a vital tool for their company.

Protect your business and your home. Update your computer’s security, and ask an IT professional what else you can do to stay happily connected.

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