Trouble Finding the Best Platform for Your Company? Presenting Your Business to the Internet


Phoenix small business seo

Odds are if you use the internet, you use search engines like Google and Yahoo! nearly every time you open your browser. You wouldn’t be the only one, either! Turns out, nearly 95% of every online experience starts with a search engine. If you enjoy Google’s doodles, you may have even set it as your homepage. Now, with so many people using search engines every time they use the internet, doesn’t it make sense that if you’re a business owner, you should be able to make that work to your advantage?

The good news is you can! Search engine optimization (SEO) takes all of those search engines and creates content for your company’s website that puts you on the first page of results. Why should you be on the first page of a search engine’s results? Because according to a recent survey, three fourths of users will not scroll past that point. Most internet users will find what they’re looking for within that first page, so the higher up on the list you are, the more web traffic you’re likely to get.

If you’re not sure how to make SEO work by yourself, there’s no need to worry. SEO marketing companies exist for that very reason. SEO services are designed to create original and engaging content for your website that will put your business within the first page of search results for any number of words relating to the products or services you offer.

SEO strategy is leaving the world of paid advertisements behind and ushering in a new era of client relationships. With paid advertisements, users are much less likely to follow any links because they may feel like they’re being baited. The goal of SEO marketing companies is to create original content that will draw users to your website and build a relationship with them. With nearly 80% of users ignoring paid ads, focusing on the creation engaging content for your website is the best way to gain regular, inbound traffic.

Don’t let your website fall to the wayside, and don’t get stuck on social media advertisements! If you’re having trouble with your online presence, SEO could be the solution for you.

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