Use Recruiting Services To Hire Quickly and More Efficiently


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Is your company in need of skilled candidates at a quick pace? It can be difficult finding the most efficient and practical way to hire employees for your company. Unless you have an employee whose full job it is to find, review, interview and hire employees, the task can fall to the side and get put off time and time again. That?s not the best way to handle hiring of new employees, especially if you need them quickly for a new project or new job opening. Using supply chain executive recruiters can get the job done fast and with little effort on your part.

Interested in learning more about supply chain executive recruiters and how the process works? Whether you are look for software developers, a field service engineer, or a marketing manager, executive recruiting services may be just what you are looking for to help you out.

Why Hiring Has Become More Time-Consuming

Over the years, it has become increasingly difficult to find the ideal candidate to fill a job position. It is not necessarily that people are not applying to job positions that open up. Rather, sometimes it can be quite the opposite problem. When there are so many candidates out there applying to different job forums, the number of applicants can increase quickly. It can become almost unmanageable for a company to sort through all the applications they may receive in a day or a week for a certain job position. When this happens, finding the most qualified candidate in a reasonable amount of time can become quite the task.

This is one of the reasons employers have difficulty finding a qualified candidate for their job openings. In 2013, 76% of employers claimed they had a hard time choosing a candidate who fit the job qualifications. In 2014, the number went down a little bit to 71% of employers who struggled with this problem.

That?s why it can be beneficial for most employers to invest in supply chain executive recruiters to assist with the hiring process. Instead of spending hours posting job positions online and sorting through the candidates that apply or waiting endlessly for the best candidates to apply, you can pass over that task to an executive recruiter to handle. Then, you can get back to doing what really matters at your company so that everything keeps moving smoothly and successfully.

Methods to Find Qualified Candidates Quickly

When you are looking for new candidates, most people know that the best place to do so is online. More specifically, it is important to use an applicant tracking system which is what most executive search firms use to help your company find employees. Other options for finding qualified employees are referrals and social media but these are more difficult to use efficiently and successfully.

By using supply chain executive recruiters to fill whatever job positions you have available at your company, you can significantly cut down the number of days the job position stays empty. An executive search service can fill the spot in under 32 days according to statistics from 2013. If you need something quicker than that, they can provide a temp in under six days or someone on contract in under eight days.

This explains why executive search services are on the rise in the United States
. Between 2012 and 2013, the numbers nearly doubled for how many companies switched to using search firms for hiring purposes. In 2013, 5.9 percent of hires for different companies were found through search firms. It can be expected that these numbers will only continue to increase over the years as more and more companies switch to this method of hiring for quicker and more efficient hires.

Has your company ever used a search firm to hire new employees? Let us know in the comments about your company?s experience hiring employees on your own versus using executive recruiters to get the job done.

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