Three Reasons Why You Should Install A Home Security System


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We want to believe that nothing bad will ever happen to us or our loved ones. But unfortunately, crimes tend to take place around the home more often than anyone would like to admit. In many cases, these crimes — thankfully — take place when we aren’t at home. These are usually burglaries, and while you won’t be physically harmed if a burglary takes place while your home is empty, your emotional state can be shattered. Furthermore, it’s crucial to catch burglars as soon as possible — not simply in the homes of recovering stolen items, but to prevent such crimes from happening to others. Sadly, police usually solve a mere 13% of reported burglaries. Why? Because there is a lack of witnesses or physical evidence. Luckily, there is a way in which you can not only cut down on your risk of being burgled, but make the likelihood of solving such a crime, should it happen, higher. This is through installing a home security system. While many are initially hesitant to install video surveillance systems, they can be a vital part of keeping your home safe. Below, we’ll look into the advantages of installing home security systems.
1. The Witness Factor

As previously mentioned, a major reason why police find burglaries difficult to solve is a lack of witnesses. In the case of many burglaries, a homeowner isn’t home — most burglars will avoid houses that they think are occupied. This is why most burglaries take place between the hours of 10:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. — burglars know that most people work during these hours. So you won’t be home to see a burglar, and most professional burglars are skilled enough to avoid catching the attention of your neighbors, if you have any. A home security system with video surveillance can provide police with the burglars’ appearances, the methods they used, and other identifying factors, such as their getaway vehicles. In some cases, video surveillance systems have been the key to finding burglars and preventing them from committing further crimes. Depending on the resolution of the cameras installed, police can sometimes get surprisingly clear images of a suspect’s face, and even the license plates of their cars. A home security system can at the very least provide a time frame for the crime, which cuts down the amount of time the police will have to spend on preliminary investigations, letting them get to the heart of the case faster.

2. Prevention

Another reason why you should consider a surveillance system installation is the fact that such systems act not only as criminal-catchers, but deterrents. Many burglars “case” potential targets before deciding to rob them, which means that they will take note of any security systems present. A good security system is difficult — perhaps even impossible — for most criminals to dismantle. Burglars in particular will likely move on to a different target rather than deal with a difficult one. It’s estimated that homes without security systems and alarms are 300% more likely to be broken into. This take into account another factor — while some burglars will take their chances with video surveillance systems, it’s much more difficult for them to detect whether or not alarm systems are in place. And if a video surveillance system has been installed, it’s quite likely that a less visible alarm system is in place too. By having both in place, you are far less likely to be burglarized — it’s not worth a criminal’s time and risk.

3. Perks

Yes, there are extra perks to using a home security system, beyond the obvious. Usually, these come into play when acquiring home insurance. In fact, some home insurance providers offer up to 20% discount when a home security system is installed. So, not only will a home security system make your home safer — it can also save you money in the long term.

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