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3 Important Factors of Every Good SEO Strategy

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Search engine optimization marketing, or SEO is rapidly becoming one of the most important aspects of business in the 21st century. Approximately 86% of consumers in one survey stated that using a search engine allowed them to learn something new or important that helped him/her increase his/her knowledge, according to the Pew Research Center. According to Interconnected World, 44% of online shoppers begin their experience by using a search engine.

A successful SEO strategy will develop the brand of the product/service, increase the company’s overall exposure, and ultimately bring in more business. Whether you’re a Continue Reading No Comments

Get the Most Out of Your Direct Mail Advertising with These Tips

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If you wonder why you keep getting advertising in the mail, there is a simple reason for that. Direct mail advertising works. It is a very cost effective way to remind your existing customers that you are still around and to get your name in front of new people. This is the reason that American companies spent around $44.5 million in direct mail advertising in 2014. At least 84% of people admit that they keep promotional material they get with a company’s name and logo on it. If you ask your local printing company, they will tell you that this is one the biggest parts of their business.

Tips for Running a Successful Direct Marketing Campaign:

  1. Give people a “call to action.” Make your mail piece worth something other than just be a reminder about your busine

Defining Your Company’s Presence on the Web: How SEO Can Benefit Your Business

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search marketing companyThe 21st Century has already defined itself as the “digital age” with millions of internet users that band together to create a network of artists, bloggers, and businesses. The internet has significantly changed our lives, calling for businesses to adapt or ultimately fall into obscurity. Today it is easier than ever to start a business; keeping that business alive and thriving is the real challenge. Here are some tips to help business leaders develop a plan that utilizes the internet to their advantage.

Making a Name for Yourself 
Your company’s webpage is ultimately going to be the primary hub for representing your company’s image on the net; for this reason investing in qualified and professional website developing services is essential. With the internet people are able to receive information at an astonishing rate: this has changed the consumer drastically as websites typically only have three seconds to make an impression before the consumer decides on whether or not is it time to move on. The very layout of your page can help set your website apart from others: keeping in mind that most internet users scan pages in an “F” shape many businesses instead choose to present their information in bullet points. A final tip for web design is to utilize cool rather than warm colors as greens, blues, and purples elicit more favorable responses from consumers and can guarantee a higher approval rating according to psychology experts.

Building Your Brand 
Building a website is a lot like erecting a brick and mortar store: now that the face of the business is built there needs to be some way for business leaders to market their brand. With over 27 million pieces of content shared on the internet each day it is easy for your business to get overlooked in the crowd. Social media sites and blogs are two of the easiest ways for businesses to build up their brand; a majority of digital consumers like or follow a brand so that they are able to keep informed on the latest products, information, and events. Unlike typical broadcast advertising, marketing through social media is less invasive and allows the internet user to catch up on information at their leisure. While social media is certainly a key component in lead retention, there is a better way to generate high-quality leads on the internet.

Directing Traffic 
The search engine is one of the most powerful tools at the disposal of the internet user as over 90% of all internet experiences start with a search engine query. Harnessing the power of the search engine to direct traffic towards your company is the goal of search engine optimization (SEO). Since around 80% of users instinctively ignore the paid advertisements that adorn search engines, SEO focuses on creative content generation that helps ensure that your company’s content will be picked up by engaged and interested consumers through the search engine’s organic search. The technique used by a professional search marketing company is an example of inbound lead generation that only focuses on attracting already-interested consumers and curbing their spending habits towards your business instead. Experienced marketers that partner with a search marketing company note a significant increase in lead generation and retention with 92% of marketers suggesting that SEO consultants be utilized in any business’ advertising portfolio. Partnering with a professional search marketing company could be the best way to ensure that the word gets out on your website and keep consumers coming back for more!

Your Business Might Be Far Less Visible Than You Think

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paid adsIf you own a business of any kind, then you know how important visibility is. If your customers can’t find you, you might as well be closed. In today’s marketing and advertising worlds, the future clearly lies in web and mobile-based ads. Around 93% of all online shoppers today begin their online shopping experience by using a search engine. When sifting through these search engine results, 75% of all users will not click past the first page of search results. If your business isn’t appearing on that first page, it’s as good as invisible. What’s they key to getting your web-based business in front of customers? The answer is simple: paid ads.

All Ads Are Not Created Equal

While some types of web and mobile marketing are free, these outlets typically do not have the exposure or search engine ranking that paid ads do. Paid ads are links that are prominently sponsored on both search engine and sidebar marketing platforms. These types of paid search ads have some of the highest rates of exposure of any PPC, or pay per click, marketing. In a recent survey that polled company leaders and brand manages, 83% reported feeling very strongly about the benefits of PPC marketing and paid ads.

In fact, according to a recent study by the Interactive Advertising Bureau, paid ads featured in search engine results are so popular that today they represent 39%, of total Internet or mobile advertising expenditures in 2014. These types of searches have such a high return on investment that businesses typically profit an average of $2 from each $1 they spend on paid ads and paid search marketing. These ads take advantage of a new field known as search engine optimization, or SEO. SEO relies on careful analysis and implementation of the most popular keywords that search engines commonly search for.

The Importance of PPC Consultants

Every year, Google and other search engine firms typically alter or modify their search algorithms hundreds and hundreds of times. If you run a small business, it would be extremely costly in terms of time and money to try and stay ahead of these search engine algorithms. By subcontracting your web and mobile marketing to PPC or other paid search consultants, you’re leaving the hardest parts of marketing up to someone else: the experts.

The Answer to Running a Successful Small Business Exploring the Benefits of Small Business Answering Services

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Starting a small business involves a lot of trial and error. Like, a lot! It usually involves way more trial and error than most budding entrepreneurs realize until they’re actually in the thick of it. Getting a small business up and running involves a lot learn as you go, especially if you’re ordering a product or service outside of the usual ones that people can offer advice on.

So if you’re currently a successful small business owner, congratulations! You’re doing something right and doing something well, but that doesn’t mean you could be doing things even better. Remember, the key to succeeding in business isn’t necessarily working harder, but it’s working smarter. There’s a huge difference and once you’re really up and running, you’ll begin to truly understand it. E

Trouble Finding the Best Platform for Your Company? Presenting Your Business to the Internet

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Odds are if you use the internet, you use search engines like Google and Yahoo! nearly every time you open your browser. You wouldn’t be the only one, either! Turns out, nearly 95% of every online experience starts with a search engine. If you enjoy Google’s doodles, you may have even set it as your homepage. Now, with so many people using search engines every time they use the internet, doesn’t it make sense that if you’re a business owner, you should be able to make that work to your advantage?

The good news is you can! Search engine optimization (SEO) takes all of those search engines and creates content for your company’s website t